Fashion branding and promotion 
Developed a fashion brand targeting fashion customers and planned merchandise categories 
and promotional strategies for the brand. 
Created a business proposal package, developed a logo, a business card, 
a T-shirt design, a promotion sale, and a grand opening posters.
Fashion Product Development 
Line Development Project: NIKOLA
Developed a new apparel line for a company that was not currently in the apparel industry, 
the company planned to expand its market using diversification. 
Performed target market research: interview summary, market research, business planning,  
merchandising planning, and creative planning (line concept and development).
Created a logo, mantra, product and price category, 
competitors and positioning map for the new apparel line.
Developed design specs with style sheet, callouts, cost sheet. 
Fashion Product Development 
Value-Added Project: The Perfect Pair
Designed new versions of garments or fashion accessories that add value to the product, 
with a focus on sustainability. 
Created a three-dimensional prototype.
Historic Perspectives of Fashion 
Chemise a la Reine
The research paper and presentation about Chemise a la Reine and Marie Antoinette 
are based on one of the many aspects of historic costume. 
The bibliography research reflects book and periodical sources and peer-reviewed articles.

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